Saturday, 14 November 2020

Progress report

With a project like this, I struggle to keep up with the daily blog entries that some manage and I also travel a lot with my work.  There is also a lot of progress that can't be visualised, largely because the figures have to await the completion of scenery.

Nevertheless, a huge amount is going on, and here's what:

First of all, large numbers of Prussians are in production.  The challenge will be working out the exact layout of Prussian units at 1800hrs.  Here are various infantry produced by members of the team.  I don't name names on the blog but they know how much their work is appreciated.

Secondly, the model is coming along

This building cascades down the hill from the centre of Plancenoit and has therefore been a challenge.

Here are the new sections - the bright green grass will be toned in with the effect on the left.

These images, courtesy of the National Army Museum, show the area in question.

One major area of work is Prussian cavalry.  These are an incredibly fine record of the myriad Prussian cavalry regiments at Waterloo.

Casualties are a major issue for a project of this kind.  They need to be all too numerous to give an accurate portrayal, but the stock in trade Airfix figures are too repetitive and variety is essential.  Here's some of the imaginative work under way.

This project doesn't lack for scale.  I've recently brought together the equipment necessary to show a complete Prussian Horse battery - it will take a lot of space.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Second to First Empire

 Massimo has recently been producing units for his Solferino project.  Usually, Second Empire units can't easily do a time jump to the First Empire - their trousers are too baggy, their beards too pointy and their kit just too complicated.

But I thought I would give his Cuirassiers a go.  The results aren't perfect and the expert will find much to criticise, but nevertheless I like their dynamism and think they will fit in well when lost among the several thousand other Cuirassier that are either complete or under way for the project.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Waterloo in 20mm - Contacting the Project

 Dear All,

I've had several people attempt to contact me with the aim of helping out with the project.  For anyone wishing to support the project, please email the following address:

We look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, here are some update photographs from the project.

Various French cavalry in bivouac on the rise above La Belle Alliance:

Casualties at Plancenoit:

Our youngest painter is 16 and has produced these Prussian infantry - the first 50 of 400:

Our friend Thomas is working on these casualties:

I've just bought enough Cuirassiers for the 11th Regiment.  Even in blue plastic they look impressive:

The project needs many casualty figures.  These sort of images provide the inspiration: