Thursday, 19 February 2015

Allied General Staff

Here are some of my Allied General Staff.  The figures are the usual mix.  The dismounted figures are mostly Strelets and LM, a manufacturer that didn't last long. There are some Italieri figures mixed up with various metal figures.  These ones are mostly Newline with another short lived producer, 20:20.

These Prussians include the classic Hinton Hunt with telescope.

Several British officers in this picture are wearing frock coats.  Certainly Wellington did so at Waterloo, but the Duke of Richmond appears to have done so too.

These Prussians are mostly Fine Scale Factory.  They appear to be waiting for someone to unfurl a map on the table

The Prince of Orange is Hinton Hunt.  The Staff Corps galloper is Les Higgins.  The dismounted officer is Qualicast.

Some more British staff officers.

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  1. Excellent - that was educational as well as fun! Didn't know FSF made staff figures - lots of rare birds in these pictures. Thanks for this.