Monday, 23 May 2016

2nd Battalion Scots Guards

2/3rd Foot Guards was in Byng's 2nd Brigade of Cooke's 1st Division and was the largest Foot Guards battalion at Waterloo.  The battalion detached its flank companies to Hougoumont during the course of the day but the remainder stood in square against the French Reserve Cavalry attacks.

The Foot Guards at Waterloo wore summer campaign order - shakos and white cotton drill trousers.

The Scots Guards are shown here in square - the figures are mostly Revell and Esci with quite a few conversions in the front kneeling rank.  The third rank consist mostly of Hinton Hunt which are nicely compatible.  

Colour Party, with drums and pioneers in front.  The drummers are mostly Revell with a couple of Hinton Hunt.  The Ensign carrying the Regimental Colour is a 7YW conversion.

Revell officer

Waterloo 1815 and Hat mounted officers.

Four ranks

Revell close up, with some Call To Arms.

Rear view

Strelets officer

The full square

Corner shot

There are 350 figures in the square.


  1. 350 men and 350 hrs of some of the best 20mm i have ever seen job well done sir.....thank you very much for showing i too cut clean primer paint and install 20 mm Napoleonic's , You sir have it down have done a outstanding job keep it up ..

  2. Thank you very much! I am wading through my Allied Battalions - two down, 25 to go!

  3. Great Painting on those tiny figures,and the British Square looks Splendid indeed!
    i remember when i set upon presenting a square at Waterloo using ITALERI figures and many conversions too,on Benno`s Figure Forum,and it taught me lots about the tactics applied then that worked as long as they stood their ground.
    Thanks for posting this Epic Project.
    Greetings from Fiddlewood Norwich UK BB that`s me!