Sunday, 13 November 2016

2nd/1st Nassau

I posted my Hat Industrie battalion of Nassauers a few weeks ago and am now following up with the 2nd Battalion, the bulk of which I painted many years ago, consisting largely of the old Airfix French set, but have since added some more modern figures.

The Airfix French set was definitely not their best but has a certain retro charm.  And because these are kneeling, loading and firing figures they are better suited to a square than to attacking French infantry at Waterloo.

The mounted officer is an Art Miniaturen Dane

The full square

The Nassauers are shown in the white shako covers which drew fire and were taken off about 1700hrs

The pioneers are Hagen, the drum major is Franznap.  The Ensign is an Italieri conversion.

Line company


Airfix officer on RHA horse

Grenadier Company

The Grenadier company are Hinton Hunt, S Range and conversions fro all sort of plastic figures

Airfix Imperial Guard conversion

All the squares


  1. They Look Splendid. All your long hours of,days,weeks.months and years have certainly paid off. Wonderful views of soldiers in Square. Well done. BB

  2. Many thanks Paul, it has taken a while - I have quite a few to left to go: next up Hanoverian Landwehr. After that I think I need a break from squares: maybe Guard Marines or French Line Dragoons?

  3. Most impressive and spectacular squares, amazing job!

  4. Wow, quantity really has a quality of its own, those grenadiers look splendid all lined up, having a look through your other posts, you have done a fine job of showing off all these units, good work on the conversions to.

  5. Thanks Dan, the plan one day is to have somewhere to put them all - I don't have a big enough house and need a museum for the eventual diorama.