Sunday, 12 July 2020

Housing Boom Part 2

It's a big place, Plancenoit, but undaunted by the number of buildings, my father has continued to crank them out.  Here are the next tranche:

None of the buildings are yet attached.

We've been experimenting with cobbled road effects and are not yet satisfied with the results.

While he has been hard at work on the houses, I've been finishing off two French battalions for Hougoumont, a company of Coldstream Guards, some Hanoverian jagers and various other figures.

Meanwhile Thomas Mischak has sent in some very useful walls which are shown in the pictures above where they are being used to delineate the Plancenoiut gardens.  In addition, Thomas's gravestones are fantastic as are a few road signs - Many thanks Thomas!

In other news, I have two new painters, one taking on the 12th Light Dragoons and another Sandham's For Battery.  

The pictures below, courtesy of the National Army Museum are close ups of the next group of buildings to be constructed at Plancenoit:

Meanwhile, one of our main contributors has been unpacking his army, which has lain dormant for several years but is now seeing the light of day:

Hi Rob, for some reason I can't post comments on my own blog!  There is in fact the rise you suggest, it is just not that noticeable from the angle of the photograph.  I'll show it in subsequent photos.


  1. Coming together very nicely. It's an inspiring project.

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  3. OK it clearly didn't get through so take 2.
    This is going to look really impressive when finished.
    Are the buildings on the terrain boards you intend to use as they look a little flat. The church is definitely on a rise above the road running past it giving it almost the character of mini-motte. I've checked my holiday photos and it would be quite a tactical feature. I can supply my snaps if you like but I assume you have loads anyway.

  4. This Plancenoit is coming along beautifully.

  5. Thanks James, I seem to be able to comment again!

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