Sunday, 3 April 2016

French Hussars

A nice comment by Tony of Prometheus in Aspic has spurred me into action.  Now, the truth is there was only one French Hussar regiment at Waterloo - Baron Marbot's 7th Hussars which covered Napoleon's right flank.  But many of the others were with Grouchy and let's face it, the uniforms are irresistible so here goes with my French Hussars.  They are a pretty eclectic group of plastic and metal but I hope you like them.  

I have also decided to diversify the blog by adding in some contemporary pictures of the units.

I've previously covered the 5th, but here are the remainder in numerical order:

1st Regiment  

A few S Range

Hinton Hunt, with some S Range officers

A converted Airfix kettle drummer
S Range trumpeter

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