Saturday, 16 April 2016

Old Guard

The trouble with a collection built up over years is that there is a risk of inconsistencies.  I decided to bring my Old Guard together over the weekend and here are the results.  There are about 3,000 on parade but the inconsistencies show.  

The first inconsistency is that they are in three orders of dress: campaign dress, greatcoats and full dress.  Secondly, they are by multiple manufacturers: Airfix, Revell, Esci, Strelets, Hat, Zvezda and many metal types.  Thirdly, they are a mix of Chasseurs and Grenadiers and there needs to be some rationalisation.  Finally, they are designed for different parts of the battlefield: some for Plancenoit, some for the final assault on the British position and others in reserve.  Many are also conversions and a few aren't finished.

So this is a work in progress, but I hope, for all their imperfections, you like them.

First of all, Grenadiers in Greatcoats.  They are a mix of the Revell set and Hat conversions.  I love the dark blue coats of the Old Guard.

A HYTTY figure among the Revell

A Franco-Prussian conversion

Hard to get them all in focus:

These are mostly Hinton Hunt and Alberken, with S Range at the back and Les Higgins at the front (I wish those bayonets were better!).

Hat Chasseurs
Mostly Esci

Airfix with plenty of conversions

Strelets - General Drouot with Eagle

Strelets Chasseurs in greatcoats, a slightly rough set best observed at a distance.

Zvezda with a converted War of Independence officer saluting
Esci drummers

Revell and Airfix in greatcoats, with a few Art Miniaturen.
Hat drummers

Odemars drummers

Zvezda, the sculpting is outstanding.

A wounded Grenadier is dragged away by a comrade.

More wounded

Hinton Hunt officer, looking quite cross.

Vive L'Empereur

Wounded Grognards

Converted War of Independence figure limps from the field

Strelets Crimean wounded figures

Possibly the nicest figure Airfix ever made - Guard drummer 

Art Miniaturen officer 

More Zvezda

Franznap conversions with a HYTTY officer

Rose Chasseurs in campaign dress

Lamming Chasseurs with an S Range officer

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