Tuesday, 2 May 2017

French Infantry

I've resisted showing my French Line Infantry, mainly because there are quite a few (10,000 Line, 3,000 Light Infantry) and it will need some space and time to unpack them.  So here is a taster, the recently produced Strelets Polish infantry, with heads removed and replaced by some of my supply of metal heads which were made for me by John Cunningham in industrial quantities.  These have been supplemented by some Falcata French infantry kindly donated by M S Foy on a visit at Christmas.  Many thanks to both of you!

I've painted them in campaign dress with blue trousers which seem to have been prevalent in 1815, having previously been the preserve of the Guard.  Sadly, they have two cross belts when of course they should have only one.

The falling figures are Falcata

These Strelets figures are a distinct improvement and what was once a manufacturer of the slightly grotesque is now producing some very well sculpted figures with the possibility of supplementing Hat, which seems to have lost its way somewhat.

I like this Falcata officer.  The rear drummer was a Waterloo 1815 Pole.  The wounded man and his assistant is a conversion from Esci. 

This company have orange pompoms, used by the third company in a battalion.


  1. Looking good - what's going on? - no news, no flowers for weeks and suddenly it's bonanza time!

    Excellent work, yet again, and always an imaginative flair. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Foy, you wait hours for a bus and then......

  3. Have you considered the new Waterloo1815 range for marching French infantry with the single belt, and use these excellent Polish conversions as elite company? Or would the lack of trousers be an issue?

  4. Hi Marc, apologies just noticed your comment - yes, they look great and I have bought some - I'm working on the 52nd Light Infantry at the moment and will take up your suggestion for the next project.