Wednesday, 16 August 2017

2nd Battalion King's German Legion

The King's German Legion was as well regarded as any of the veteran British Battalions in Wellington's Army but, unlike the conventional British regimental system, the KGL was a miniature army in its own right, with Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery.

At Waterloo, most of attention is focussed on Ompteda's Brigade which contained the two light battalions that defended La Haye Sainte and the 5th and 8th battalions which suffered so egregiously at the hands of the Prince of Orange - his tactical decisions led to their demise.  

I've already completed the two Light battalions and the Light Company of the 5th Battalion (all at La Haye Sainte) and I plan to show the 5th Battalion (reinforced by elements of the 8th) as it set off on its doomed mission in a future post.

This post focuses on the other KGL brigade at Waterloo under Colonel Du Plat.  Sadly, I can't find a portrait of Du Plat (who died of his wounds after the battle), but there is a portrait of Captain Augustus Hartman of the 2nd Battalion.

Officer's coat

Sergeant's coat

Grenadier Company

Light Company officer

Grenadier Company

So here is my square: it's composed largely of vintage figures - Hinton Hunt, Alberken, Kriegspieler, Douglas and a few Rose.  The front rank is a little different because none of the vintage manufacturers made kneeling figures; all of this front rank (100 figures) are conversions from many sources, many ACW and various Esci Napoleonic - each with a new head and Trotter knapsacks added - the KGL painted their Trotter packs blue.

The casualty figure is conversion utilising an Airfix highland torso, somebody else's legs and another head - proper Frankenstein!

A Hinton Hunt general with staff.  The Colour party is Hinton Hunt.

An Alberken officer on the grey horse

Grenadier company on the right.  The rear rank are mostly Hinton Hunt.

Converted kneeling figures

These firing figures are Douglas and a couple of S Range.

Behind the HH general,  Hagen and Hat mounted staff officers.

The drum major is a conversion from the Esci ensign, whose tiny flag is useless so he has been issued a mace. I've no idea what a KGL drum major would have looked like but have gone with a Foot Guards picture as the model.

The full square

A Zvezda Russian artillery officer re-purposed.  A Strelets officer is to his rear right.

Dead Cuirassier horse 

A Newline dead cuirassier

S Range firing in the corner.

Light Company.  Dead Esci Japanese and a dead Airfix WW1 figure with a new head.

Hinton Hunt drummer forward left, most of the others are Revell.  The pioneers are also Revell.


  1. Yet another wonderful display, Picton. Your image research also makes it far too easy fo the rest of us!
    Best regards, WM

  2. Thanks WM, I do like doing the research, especially of original prints which I trust more than modern pictures.