Thursday, 7 September 2017


Work is busy at the moment so progress on the project is likely to slow.  I did however think this might be a good moment to take stock of how far I have got with the infantry of the Allied Army.

So far, the following units have been painted and are on the Blog:

  • 3rd Battalion 1st Grenadier Guards                                  
  • 2nd Battalion 3rd Scots Guards                                        
  • 2nd Battalion 95th Rifles                                                   
  • 1st Battalion 23rd  Royal Welch Fusiliers                         
  • 1st Battalion 27th Inniskillings                                         
  • 1st Battalion 28th Glosters                                                
  • 1st Battalion 79th Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders    
  • 1st Battalion 52nd Oxfordshire Light Infantry                   
  • 1st Battalion 71st Highland Light Infantry                        
  • 1st Battalion 4th King's Own                                             
  • 2nd Light Battalion Brunswick Corps                               
  • 1st Battalion 2nd Nassau Regiment                                   
  • 2nd Battalion 2nd Nassau Regiment                                  
  • 2nd Battalion King's German Legion                               
  • 4th Battalion Dutch Militia                                               
  • Bremen and Verden Field Battalions                                
  • 1st Light Battalion King's German Legion                       
  • 2nd Light Battalion King's German Legion                       
  • Brunswick Leib Battalion                                                   

Total                                                                                              7,700

Nearly complete:

3rd Battalion KGL                                                                      

In production:

  • 1st/30th and 2nd/73rd                                                         
  • 1st Battalion The Black Watch, 42nd Royal Highlanders  
  • 1st Battalion 92nd Gordon Highlanders                             
  • 1st Battalion Coldm Gds                                                    
  • 1st Battalion 33rd/1st Battalion 69th                                  
  • York and Grubenhagen Field Battalions                             
  • Foot Guards Light Companies                                            
  • 1st Line Battalion Brunswick Corps                                  
  • 2nd Line Battalion Brunswick Corps                                  
  • 1st Light Battalion Brunswick Corps                                  
  • Brunswick Avant Garde                                                       
  • 3rd Battalion Dutch militia                                                  
  • 12th Battalion Dutch Line                                                    
  • 3rd Battalion Belgian Line                                                 
  • 5th Battalion KGL                                                            
  • Luneberg Field Battalion                                                    
  • 1st/51st Yorkshire Light Infantry                                        
  • 3rd Battalion 2nd Nassau Regiment                                     
  • 35th Dutch Chasseurs                                                         

Total                                                                                                8,300

Grand total                                                                                      16,000

I'm not trying to complete every unit in the Allied army, but I do need to show some from each of the brigades, so the obvious gaps are:

  • Hugh Halkett's Hanoverian Brigade
  • 1st/95th in the Sandpit
  • The remnants of Bijlandt's brigade
  • Vincke and Best's Hanoverian brigades
  • 2nd Nassau regiment at Papelotte
  • 28th Orange-Nassau Regiment

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