Sunday, 10 September 2023

More from the Crossroads

With the weather breaking and me going back to work, I dismantled the model and took it into my shed section by section.  This allows some close-ups but don't be confused by the proximity of other sections.  Here are some more shots showing progress over the weekend:

The garden at La Haye Sainte

Scene on the road

West Barn

Interior of the farm

95th line the hedge

Siborne shows this barricade with greenery, presumably cut from the orchard.

32nd Cornwalls

Cameron Highlanders




Elite light infantry advance north along the chaussee.

The orchard

And finally here are some shots of the Siborne model along with other source material. Of course Siborne shows the scene at the time of D'Erlon's attack while I am showing the moment that the French break into La Haye Sainte.