Monday 15 July 2024

Double Dutch

The next stage of the project will focus on the French cavalry charges and to that end I've been working on three double battalion squares from Chasse's Division.  This has been a huge amount of work, and in all amounts to some 3,000 figures.

Chasse's Division had been deployed to the West of Wellington's line at Braine L'Alleud but were brought in to the rear of the centre to form six double battalion squares.  The units were a mix of Dutch Line, Belgian Line, Militia and Chasseurs.  

Taking advantage of some rare English sunshine I look them outside.  They are sat on some of my uncoloured teddy bear fur that I use to make the crops.  

I then decided to get all the squares out to work out what still needs doing.

When the five squares already on the model are taken into account, the tally of Allied squares looks as follows:


2nd Dutch/35th Chasseurs                             Complete

4th/6th Dutch Militia                                        Complete

12th/13th Dutch Line                                      Complete

3rd/10th Dutch Militia                                      Not done

3rd Belgian/36th Chasseurs                           Under way

17th/19th Militia                                              Not done

1st KGL                                                         Complete

2nd KGL                                                        Complete

3rd KGL                                                         Complete

4th KGL                                                         Ready 

71st HLI                                                         Complete

2nd 95th                                                         Complete

3rd/95th                                                         Ready

Half 52nd                                                       Complete

Half 52nd                                                       Complete

2nd/1st Foot Guards                                      Complete

3rd/1st Foot Guards                                       Complete

Saltzgitter                                                      Complete

Bremevorde                                                  Complete

Osnabruck                                                    Complete           

Quackenbruck                                              Complete

1st/51st                                                         Complete

1st/23rd RWF                                               Complete

3rd/14th Buff                                                 Ready

2nd 69th/1st 33rd                                          Complete

2nd 30th/2nd 73rd                                         Complete

Bremen/Verden                                           Complete

York/Grubenhagen                                      Complete

5th KGL                                                       Under way

8th KGL                                                       Complete

1st KGL Light                                               Not done

2nd KGL Light                                              Complete

Nassau 1st/1st                                                      Complete

2nd/1st                                                                    Complete

3rd/1st                                                          Complete

Brunswick 1st Line red                                Complete

2nd Line green                                             nearly complete

3rd Line white                                              under way

1st Brunswick Light yellow                          Complete

2nd Light buff                                               Not complete

3rd Light orange                                          Not complete

 79th Camerons                                           Complete

1st 95th                                                        Complete

1st 28th Glosters                                          Complete

1st/32nd Cornwalls white                             Complete

 1st/4th King’s Own blue                              Not done

1st/27th Inniskilling                                      Complete

2nd/40th South Somersets buff                   Not done

Add these to the four battalions at Hougoumont, the 2nd Light KGL at la Haye Sainte and the battalion of Nassauers at Papelotte, 46 Allied battalions are complete.  There are also 14 Prussian battalions complete, making 60 battalions, roughly 30,000 men. This figures does not include artillery, cavalry, staff, or of course, the French.

Monday 17 June 2024

Follow-Up Information

 The pleasure of this hobby is the chance to share questions and to hear from such knowledgeable and helpful people.

Further to my questions about buildings at the Eastern end of the battlefield, I've received some further information.

Kindly sent to me by Chris, this aerial shot shows Papelotte in the centre ground with la Haye Farm behind it.  I was led to believe that La Haye burnt down in the early 1900s but this photo would suggest La Haye survived until later.  The buildings in the foreground don't quite match the ones on Siborne's map, below.

This close up of La Haye shows that it was a large building with a distinctive barn at an oblique angle to the main complex

The Craan map sent to me by Essling  matches the Siborne evidence

Google earth may help

Some close ups from the Siborne model

Friday 14 June 2024

Mystery Buildings at Waterloo

 Having studied the Battle of Waterloo for many years it seems almost impossible to believe that there could be an aspect of the battle that you have never previously noticed.

But in studying the eastern end of the Allied line, I have noticed something new and am surprised that it has gone unnoticed in any report that I have read.  Maybe I am being stupid and I would welcome anyone who can help enlighten me.  Let me explain...

Given this visual evidence, can anyone provide information on what happened to these buildings during the battle?  Were they defended by the Nassauers? were they attacked by Durutte? were they successfully defended or were they taken?

I will ask permission of the National Army Museum for close ups of the model so that we can construct appropriate models.

Saturday 8 June 2024

Rossomme Revisited

 Liam has produced yet another carriage, this time a baggage vehicle for the Imperial headquarters.  Here are some photos of the carriage with some other shots of the farm.