Thursday 31 December 2020


Work on the project continues apace, both with me personally, but also with the team.  Here are a few pictures of other units under production:

 I'm very lucky to have such a talented group of people helping out with the project!

Monday 28 December 2020

Young Guard et al

 I've made a bit of progress with the Plancenoit section of the diorama, focussing on Young Guard, both Tirailleurs and Voltigeurs.  I've also completed the battalion of Old Guard Chasseurs and added several casualties, most of which are home made.

The barricade to the north of the church.

The Prussian end of town, just a few Landwehr for now

Casualties - I need a lot more!

The barricade to the north of the church

Chasseurs run up the steps to the church.

Casualties stream away from the fight.

Some stands still to be hidden.

Young Guard Voltigeurs man the barricade to the south of the church.

Tirailleurs skirmish on the south side of the village green.

More Tirailleurs line a hedge.

The Priest guards the door to the church.  Photos are very unforgiving and the grenade on the top of the bearskin is still visible, despite being painted over.

The steps to the church

Old Guard company ring the outside of the churchyard - Revell figures.

I've added a trio of senior officers in the churchyard.

The Duvalier farmyard was used by the French to treat casualties - just a few so far.

Aerial view of casualties

Staff officers

Sunday 13 December 2020

1st Battalion 2nd Chasseurs of The Old Guard

 I present 1st/2nd Chasseurs a Pied, one of two Old Guard battalions sent to Plancenoit to shore up the village's defences at the crisis of the battle.  The Battalion is shown defending the church and its environs. About half the battalion are shown, the remainder will follow next week, followed by 1st/2nd Grenadiers and eight battalions of Young Guard and then the Prussians.  A lot to do!

Strelets figures

An S Ranger Pioneer. I don't like the green grass around the building - need some work.

There's a lot of figures to fit! The kneeling figures are conversions from Zvezda WW2 Russians

Need to sort out my backgrounds. 

The Atlantic pair in which the Prussian is bayonetted is a conversion

Some Ykreol dead in the foreground

An S Range officer

Some of Thomas Mischak's Art Miniaturen casualty figures can be seen

The troops forming up in the gravestones are the newer Strelets set

All sorts of conversions here

Mostly Zvezda Russian WW2 conversions

Some of the figures need to have their stands 'bedded in'

Art Miniaturen wounded Chasseur

Couple of 6lb guns brought into the village

The diorama exposes the tactical challenge of defending and attacking the village.

Gives a good sense of how formidable a defensive position the church was.  The figures in the foreground are Art Miniaturen.

Again, more work needed on bedding in figures' stands

The sections are on some picnic tables which aren't very stable, accentuating the gap - apologies!

The base of the wall (provided by Thomas) needs to be bedded in