Sunday 13 June 2021

1st Battalion 4th Silesian Landwehr


I've had a busy week for one reason or another but managed to fit in a new battalion of Prussians.  These are the 1st Battalion 4th Silesian Landwehr and are shown advancing just to the north of their sister battalion.  

The figures are the usual mix of Hat and Strelets with some Art Miniaturen among them.  The usual eight company Prussian format is followed but the front two companies are as yet unfinished.

The figures are by a number of individuals, including myself, GG, LF and LWS.  My thanks to all of them.

The Battalion is advancing through tall corn to the east of the village

The gap between the boards is inevitable but all too visible.  The front two companies are incomplete.

I like this officer who I converted from a number of figures

These are mostly Art Miniaturen

Showing them in the middle ground between two other battalions

The mounted officer is NewLine

Some casualties, mostly Strelets conversions, with Art Miniaturen

Some aerial shots

Apologies for the kitchen chairs!

Thursday 3 June 2021

2nd/25th Lutzow

Rare access to the kitchen, as the wife was out.  The diorama section with the Lutzow battalion mostly on the road and with one company deploying into the fields

It's been a bit of a bonanza this week, not so much because I've worked harder, just that several projects have come together at once.  As already mentioned, the 25th Lutzowers will be coming up the High Road in Plancenoit as a regiment of three battalions.  

Here are the Second Battalion.  These figures were converted by me from the Strelets ACW and from the Hat set.  They were then painted by DL who has already completed one Landwehr battalion.  About 50 are from AD, another 50 from CD and a similar number painted by me, but DL has done the majority.  They look very fine indeed, and I'd like to express my thanks to DL for his outstanding work on this battalion, his last Landwehr battalion and the next battalion of Lutzowers which are on the way.

Front of the column begins to take casualties

This is the rear company. One of the fishponds can be seen in the background.

Group of staff - several conversions.  The mounted officer was Duke of Brunswick with the night cap removed.  Two of the others are Hat Austrian artillery.  Two are Airfix ACW artillery

Aerial view

That mans lying down needs his musket straightening

The mounted officer is Art Miniaturen

The mounted officer is from that rather awkward Italeri Prussian Dragoon set

The officer is an Airfix conversion.

Taken from space

And now slotted into the full diorama

You will see that the section in the distance is yet to be built