Wednesday, 2 June 2021

1st Battalion 11th Prussian Line


Side view of the battalion

One of the pleasures I get from this project is acting as a bridge between the vintage 20mm figures of the 1960s and 70s and the current makes on offer.  Modern figures lend themselves to more dynamic poses, but there is something about the older figures which looks good en masse.

It has been said that my scenes of conflict in Plancenoit and Hougoumont show too much skirmish action and not enough of what we expect of Napoleonic troops, namely troops in close order.  My view is that the troops on both sides were held in formation right up to the point that the close nature of the village made it impossible.  

I've been working on a Hinton Hunt battalion, albeit reinforced with some Lammings and Kriegspeilers.  They work quite well together, especially on the gentle slope leading into Plancenoit from the east.

There are about 540 figures in this battalion - it was quite a job getting them ready!

The view from the east towards the church

There's some work to do to get the group right.  It reflects the crop scheme of Siborne.

Giving perspective of the distance the battalion is from the edge of the village

Jagers lead the way

The Colour for the 1st/11th is had painted and carried by an S Range figure.

A Hat mounted officer


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