Monday 21 December 2015

Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard

Here are two batteries of the Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard:

The Italieri set with some metal figures from Hagen which seem to be modelled on the Italieri originals:

Some Airfix conversions:

Some resin figures from Surfeur:

Some Hinton Hunt:

Some S Range:

Sunday 20 December 2015

5th Hussars

Here are the 5th Hussars.  These are a mixture of Italieri, Strelets, Art Miniaturen, Garrison, Waterloo 1815, Franznap and one or two others.  

I like this Art Miniaturen officer at the front:

And here is another Art Miniaturen officer with one of their trumpeters to a flank.

I have taken some liberties converting Austrian and Prussian hussars for this regiment, which is easy enough given the ubiquitous nature of the Hussar uniform.

A Waterloo 1815 figure 

One of the Zvezda ADCs back with his regiment.

Two dismounted hussars from Hagen.