Friday 17 November 2023

Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard

 The Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard was the largest regiment at Waterloo and it has been a labour of love bringing them together.  I've painted 600 and an anonymous supporter of the project has completed 200.  It's actually quite hard to take them all in but here they are on my only available table big enough to fit in 800 cavalry figures.

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Royal Artillery

 I recently did a review of Allied batteries at Waterloo and realised just how much work needs to be done to get them all ready.  Fortune favours the bold and I approached my painting team to see who might be willing to take on batteries.  A host of volunteers came forward and each has been sent a British, KGL, Hanoverian or Dutch battery.

I now present the first two batteries, one of which is Royal Artillery and the other Royal Horse Artillery.  Each battery is shown with five guns and one howitzer and accompanying limbers.  The caissons are not yet shown but will follow.

Two controversies have arisen.  First, were the caissons forward on the gun line or held to the rear.  Specialist advice suggests some were forward and others ran a relay system from the artillery park in the rear.  They will be shown thus.

Secondly, the thorny subject of gun colours has come up.  These two batteries are largely by Andre and are magnificently executed.  The guns are shown in the grey-blue which is widely considered the right colour.  However other sources from original guns suggest that a plainer anthracite grey may be more appropriate.  Other British, KGL and Hanoverian batteries will be shown in this way.

Monday 6 November 2023

Mont St Jean further progress


I've added quite a few more figures to the Mont St Jean section of the diorama, both in the main courtyard and outside.  To the north, I have some troops digging burial pits and, on the road, some French prisoners are being escorted into captivity.

The blank area of road is where the Duke of Cumberland's Hussars will be making their untimely exit.

This rear area needs a lot more work

Spare wheel wagon

The Life Guards are Art Miniatures converted Austrians

Inside the courtyard.  I like the sunlight effect.


broken wagon

French prisoners. Being on the corner of the diorama, they don't photograph as well as they should

Front Gate

Burial pits