Tuesday 12 October 2021

Deadlines 2

 And to complement the first set of pictures by Rupert, here are the other sections of the diorama:

Napoleon in front of his staff

Old Guard advance past La Belle Alliance


La Haie Sainte

Vegetable garden at La Haie Sainte

The orchard at La Haie Sainte


View towards the South Gate at Hougoumont.

The wood at Hougoumont

Formal garden at Hougoumont behind the ruined chateau

Great Orchard at Hougoumont. Scots Guards and Brunswick Leibbatallion defend

North gate at Hougoumont

1st/2nd Grenadiers enter Plancenoit

The church at Plancenoit

Duvalier Farm as 1st/2nd Grenadiers approach from La Belle Alliance

The Great Orchard at Hougoumont

Foy's Division east of Hougoumont

Jerome's troops in the Hougoumont wood

Old Guard pass Trimotion heading north to La Belle Alliance

La Haie Sainte

Main Gate at La Haie Sainte

Dutch half battery north of Papelotte

Durutte's division attacks Papelotte

Nassauers defend Papelotte

Interior of Papelotte


  1. You must be almost pinching yourself to think that it is nearly completed. What a monumental piece of work you (and more recently the team) have produced. Thank you.
    I am searching for new adjectives to express how good it looks, seeing almost the entire diorama.
    I have taken the liberty of posting on my blog about your fantastic efforts and the coming exhibition. I hope that it brings 'traffic' to both. Mind you, the sell out shows that you are receiving an appropriately enthusiastic response.
    All the very best for next week. I will enjoy viewing posts and media about it.
    Regards, James

  2. Thanks so much James, you are very kind! 'Finished' is a relative term because this is just Phase 1. Phase 2 is the cavalry charges and squares.

    1. It is we who should thank you for such a fine contribution to the Napoleonic history, to military modelling and (by association) wargaming.
      Ah, I obviously missed when you told us all that, sorry! I should have noticed their absence in the photos—but there is just so much to look at and to drool over!
      You are well on the way with that though aren't you? I 'refreshed' myself, having looked back at some of your earlier posts today when I was looking for a small number of your photos to post to give people a 'taste of it' (to quote your namesake in the 'film with a script composed of famous quotes'!).
      Regards, James

  3. That's right James, many, perhaps most, of the squares are complete and so are quite a lot of the French cavalry. It should be quite a sight. I also managed to persuade Zvezda to do a special run (150) of their OOP French artillery with the wonderful caissons, limbers and guns. So we have the means to complete the Grand Battery. Many thousands of French troops are in various states of completion for D'Erlon's Corps.

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  5. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel into London today and see the diorama sections in all their amazing glory. I was there for the informative lunchtime lecture and had a chance to speak to James and his equally talented father Edward. I've been following James' blog posts and photographs over the last few months and they hardly do justice to the actual model. A fantastic exhibition, well done to all concerned.


  6. Absolutely fantastic, wish I could have got to London to see it in the flesh. Thank you for the photo report, I have been watching you construction of this project. You have created a wonderful piece of history for prosperity.

    Willz Harley.