Tuesday 12 October 2021


It's now just over a week until the exhibition at the National Army Museum opens.  For anyone still hoping to attend one of the lectures and private exhibitions on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st October, these are now sold out, but we are negotiating extra spaces so any requests will be positively received.

My lack of post in recent days is explained by the sheer effort of getting the job done.  30,000 figures is no small undertaking!

I took advantage of a sunny day today to lay out all five dioramas: Papelotte, Plancenoit, La Belle Alliance, Hougoumont and La Haie Sainte.

Here are some photos from Plancenoit which I hope you enjoy.  They were taken by a very talented photographer, called Rupert Barclay so I'd like to thank him for taking these pictures:

1st/2nd Chasseurs defend the church

1st/2nd Grenadiers in column of march

Prussian hussars

Prussian Horse Artillery


Landwehr cavalry

Still some stands to hide.  Bulow's corps HQ


The farm at the east ed of the Plancenoit village green

Lasne Brook

Young Guard in defence

The High Road at Plancenoit

Horse artillery tethered horses

Human eye view

Brandenburg Dragoons

For obvious reasons, troops do not advance in front of guns!

Advancing Prussian infantry assault the village

Duvalier Farm - the French casualty clearing point

Blucher and his staff

Major General Siborne’s history:

By the advance of the Sixteenth and Fourteenth Brigades against Planchenoit, a vacant space had been created in the Prussian Line between those troops and the Thirteenth and Fifteenth Brigades, which still maintained their ground with great gallantry, in the open Field on the right. This vacant space was now covered by the main body of the Reserve Cavalry of Bülow's Corps, commanded by Prince William of Prussia; which by its perfect steadiness and good countenance, not only induced the Enemy to confine himself to the defensive, but advanced in support of the Prussian Infantry, even in the midst of the opposing musketry fire, and here occupied the place which, had the Line been complete, would have been held by Infantry. On this occasion, the loss of the Prussian Cavalry was considerable. The Brigadiers, Colonel Count Schwerin, and Lieutenant Colonel Watzdorf, were killed. The latter although previously wounded, would not quit the Field; and was soon afterwards struck by a shot which deprived the Prussian Army of a very distinguished Officer.

Young Guard

The High Road


  1. I cannot believe my eyes! Magnificent!

  2. I don't know how to fully express my admiration at what you and your team have managed to do. I doubt if I'll be able to see this in person but the images of the model are mouthwatering! It's good to be able to have see the Prussian aspect more as most of what I've read hasn't shown this so well.