Monday 6 September 2021

Vorwärts meine Kinder, und wir werden den Sieg erringen!

 The weekend has been dominated by the need to get troops on the diorama.  This has been about getting them in position in a rough and ready way, and then later I shall return to disguise bases and make them sit better in their surroundings.  Here are some photos:

Landwehr by JH

25th by DL

Elbe Landwehr cavalry by LF

Staff by AD

Silesian Landwehr by various

Silesian Uhlans by LF.  A lot of stands need hiding.

And the Lasne brook needs some edging to conceal the curvature caused by the liquid when it dried.

More Landwehr by JH and AD

French prisoners come to the rear through Landwehr

More Lutzows by DL

Young Guard defend the back gardens and allotments of the villagers

Agan, the bases are too obvious

Landwehr - there's a lot of them - 10 battalions so far each of 500!


Hand-to-hand fighting between Prussians and Old Guard.  Mostly AD.

Blucher and his staff with an escort Squadron of 8th Hussars.  Staff by AD.  Hussars by LF.


  1. Oh wow! Everyone I talk to and show your photos too is just stunned by the spectacle.,

  2. Many thanks - do spread the word!

  3. Awe inspring, jaw-droppingly good. What a fantastic effort by you and now your 'team'. Hopefully they will all be able to get to see it in 'the flesh' in due course.
    Regards, James