Monday 16 January 2023


People like the massed troops, but I think they like the small vignettes even more.  It's just so hard to photograph these, after all 20mm is a very unforgiving scale, but here goes:

Sunday 15 January 2023

Service Squadrons

 After several weeks without any visible progress, I'm pleased to reveal the next phase of the project, with the production of two new sections around La Belle Alliance containing there four Service Squadrons protecting the Emperor and two companies of Foot Artillery of the Old Guard.

1st and 2nd companies of the Foot Artillery of the Old Guard - officers, drummers, 14 guns, two howitzers, 16 limbers, 16 caissons, 14 crew per gun and six horses per limber and caisson

How it looked before the grass was coloured to reflect the green tone on the right.

Wounded retreat down the chaussee as the Old Guard move north past La Belle Alliance

Before colouring and before troops

The well between the inn and piggery

Bivouacking cavalry

Towards Trimotion

Chasseurs a pied of the Old Guard

Grenadiers pass La Belle Alliance

Wounded withdraw

Liam's new carriages added to the model.  The Imperial HQ had 11 at Waterloo

Horse Grenadier Service squadron - Qualicast figures with new heads - they were Empress Dragoons but these were replaced by Airfix Grenadier heads.

Chasseur Squadron ably created by Liam

Engineers of the Guard

Band of the 2nd Dragoons

Marines of the Guard

It's amazing how much space artillery takes up

2nd Lancers of the Guard Service Squadron

Marines and Engineers of the Guard.  These two units remained in reserve throughout the battle.

Caisson by Andre.

Troop of Gendarmerie d'elite behind the Horse Grenadiers

The Emperor with his staff

The piggery at La Belle Alliance

Burning caisson

Must learn how to photoshop out the windows behind!

A few cobwebs need cleaning away!

Band of the Empress Dragoons