Sunday 15 October 2023

Mont St Jean Latest


It has been a busy weekend at the Mont St Jean A&E with casualty numbers rising alarmingly.  The figures are mostly by the highly talented Liam with others by me and Sully.  The addition of some straw tends to blend things in nicely, though I'm inclined to mix the straw with the mud a little more.  I'm generally pleased with the results.

Stretcher bearers from Hagen

I may blend the straw in a little more

Surgical teams in the open to get the light

casualties approach the east gate

southeast corner

Aerial shot

northeast corner

southwest corner

Bodies piled on wagon

East gate

East gate from inside

Northwest corner

North side

the view west

Next job is the road which will be crammed with prisoners, deserters, wounded and broken down wagons

Sunday 1 October 2023

Mont St Jean Update

Front Gate.  I'm going to bend the two crosses on the gatehouse roof to match the contemporary pictures.

 I've worked on the Mont St Jean model this weekend.  It's still not finished - the road needs to be laid, and the courtyard base is too pale and syrupy.  The stands of the figures need to be better concealed, but you get the general idea.

Despite these forthcoming improvements, I'm already pleased with the results.  It's really the coming together of the work of two people who have never met (Liam and my father) but the results look great and will be even better in due course.

The groundwork is too pale and a bit pasty - needs more farmyard muck.

The road outside the front gate is yet to be laid.


Liam's limbs - sounds like the name of a restaurant

All these stands will be hidden

I've toned in the courtyard mud more appropriately