Sunday 17 January 2021

I've been working on my Plancenoit section, adding more Prussians and generally tidying up the model. I've added about another 200 figures, but it's amazing how they get lost in the diorama.  There are still too many stands showing, but these will slowly be concealed. The casualties all look a bit too pristine and most need a loose musket.  Here are a few pictures:

Advancing by platoons from east to west.  Haystack visible on left.  This was originally at Hougoumont, but I moved it because the one at the chateau needed to have burnt.

My mobile background helps frame the pictures.

Old Guard prepare to receive the Prussians.

Not many on here yet, many more to come.

No Prussians yet for these Young Guard.

The lead platoon has broken into a bayonet charge

The figures are a mix of Art Miniaturen, Revell, Strelets, W1815 and Hat

The picnic tables aren't very even so the gaps between sections will be less obvious.

Young Guard in defence

Still huge areas to populate

French prisoners escorted to the rear.  In reality, no much quarter was shown.

New sections in production - this is where the bulk of the Prussians will be forming up, giving space for all the fantastic figures the team have been painting.

Aerial shot

Sunday 10 January 2021

The Prussians are coming

The see-saw nature of the battle for Plancenoit makes it quite hard to determine which Prussian units were involved and at what time.

I've decided to show them as follows:  15th Reserve Regiment attacking the church; 1st and 2nd Silesian Landwehr the south end of the village; the 18th Reserve Regiment north end of the village; and the 3rd and 4th Silesian Landwehr north of the village.  

Given that each Prussian Regiment is the size of a French brigade, this is quite a few figures to fit in. Fortunately, the painting consortium is producing Prussian figures at a prodigious rate, leaving me to focus on the French, with a bit of help there too from some of the team.

I have been fixing the Fusilier battalion of the 15th Reserve regiment to the model and the results are below.  There are no officers, drummers or other supernumeraries yet, but the battalion is shaping up, with the lead companies breaking into the charge and the other companies moving in column through the village:

Quite a lot of disguising of stands still to do.

General Duhesme falls wounded

The priest on the steps of his church

French flee the village

The Duvalier farm