Wednesday 31 December 2014

Waterloo dioramas

If you search the net there as a lot talented people making Waterloo dioramas.

The oldest dioramas are the two Siborne models. I prefer the smaller one with the 1 inch figures at Leeds Royal Armoury.

The Green Jacket museum model is currently being refurbished and will be well worth a view on its return:

I saw this one at Celle in 2003 in Germany:

Hans Slaager's is very evocative:

Andreas Hoffman and friends excel with their huge Waterloo.

This one from Fuhrmann figures is again from Germany:

History in 1/72 is particularly good at attracting high quality dioramas

Thomas Mischak's model is really impressive. Check it out here at Benno's forum:

And his Papelotte:

Rene Betgum's model is excellent but hasn't changed much recently:

Chris Dodson's photography skills and powers of composition are exceptional.

I like to mix old and new 20mm figures. It's a shame Lazylimey has stopped updating his blog and also the Hinton Hunter, with his other excellent blogs the Old Metal Detector and the Lone S Ranger. I love Prometheus in Aspic's Les Higgins army, interspersed with other compatible figures of various types.

Monday 29 December 2014

Saturday 22 February 2014

Gendarmerie D'Elite

Here are some Gendarmerie D'Elite. They are mostly Hinton Hunt but with some conversions. There was one squadron at Waterloo.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Napoleon's Carriage

Napoleon had two carriages at Waterloo, one of which found its way to Madam Tussaud's in London but was destroyed by fire a century ago. This is a model of it. Many pictures show earlier carriages in the imperial green livery but all the sources show the Waterloo model in blue pulled by brown horses.

Monday 17 February 2014

Foot Artillery of The Old Guard

Here are some photos of two batteries of Foot Artillery of the Old Guard, sixteen 12 lb guns in total. The figures are a mix of converted Zvezda, some Art Miniaturen, S Range, and some converted Seven Year War figures.

Friday 14 February 2014

La Belle Alliance

Some pictures of Napoleon's staff and a battalion of Old Guard.


I have also built the buildings for Hougoumont but haven't attached them to a board. The model shows the chateau after the fire had taken hold at about 5 pm.

La Haye Sainte

My plan is to build the model in sections, but I don't plan to construct the sections until the last safe moment as space is tight. I have however done one test section on La Haye Sainte. Here are some more pictures.