Monday 9 August 2021

Plancenoit Invasion

It's been ages since I last posted, partly because of a busy summer of work, but also because thre is just so much to do incorporating so many figures into the diorama. A big part of this sudden surge has been the arrival of AD's wonderful figures. When I last posted, I had managed to get three Line battalions, two Landwehr and one Reserve battalion onto the diorama from the Prussian side. 

 Now, the number of Landwehr battalions will rise to ten, about 5,000 figures in all. These Landwehr have been undertaken by a number of people - GH, MS, AD, the WU collective, LWC and JH, as well as my own. Several thousand Line Prussians are also ready to join them. One battery of guns is already on the diorama and another is ready to join. This battery is by MM and was featured some months ago. To see it now on the diorama is a real pleasure - it really is a work of art in its own right. 

 In among all these infantry, there will also be several Prussian cavalry regiments, masteredminded by LF, which are nearly ready to go. I have four new sections under construction which will create space to the north of Plancenoit for all these extra troops.
The cavalry have some way to go to reach readiness but LF's painting is phenomenal


  1. Crikey - that's one big update!

  2. Simply marvellous. Such a HUGE array of figures. It's great that you are getting so much help. Congratulations to the entire 'team'. Thanks for sharing this wonderful project with us.
    Regards, James

  3. Many thanks, you are very kind. Actually, this is just the start, with many thousands still to come!

  4. Stunning. No wonder you've been off the radar for a while, I'm glad I'm not paying your Superglue bill!

  5. Ha! I've found a new superglue that works with a spray to give an instant bond. Can't recommend it strongly enough!