Sunday 24 October 2021

National Army Museum Exhibition

Our week at the National Army Museum has now come to an end and I'm hugely grateful to the team at Waterloo Uncovered and in the Museum for all their kindness and hard work.

The exhibition went as well if not better than I hoped.  We had two packed out evening lectures, a lunchtime webinar and many ad hoc talks during the course of the four days.

The exhibition has catalysed interest from several new painters and modellers as well as leading to new possibilities for the eventual home of the diorama.  I'd particularly like to thank the army of painters who have not only helped out with the production of figures, but assisted with the set-up, running and pack-up of the exhibition.

Here are a few pictures of the week:

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Deadlines 2

 And to complement the first set of pictures by Rupert, here are the other sections of the diorama:

Napoleon in front of his staff

Old Guard advance past La Belle Alliance


La Haie Sainte

Vegetable garden at La Haie Sainte

The orchard at La Haie Sainte


View towards the South Gate at Hougoumont.

The wood at Hougoumont

Formal garden at Hougoumont behind the ruined chateau

Great Orchard at Hougoumont. Scots Guards and Brunswick Leibbatallion defend

North gate at Hougoumont

1st/2nd Grenadiers enter Plancenoit

The church at Plancenoit

Duvalier Farm as 1st/2nd Grenadiers approach from La Belle Alliance

The Great Orchard at Hougoumont

Foy's Division east of Hougoumont

Jerome's troops in the Hougoumont wood

Old Guard pass Trimotion heading north to La Belle Alliance

La Haie Sainte

Main Gate at La Haie Sainte

Dutch half battery north of Papelotte

Durutte's division attacks Papelotte

Nassauers defend Papelotte

Interior of Papelotte