Sunday, 26 November 2017

Papelotte Updated

Papelotte from the south looking north.

And from the north looking south.
My La Haye Sainte and Hougoumont were built from scratch, but I decided to use an existing model for Papelotte and then to make substantial changes to it.

The building is based on the Sarissa Precision model, which suffers from a number of flaws:
  • First, the tower over the main gate doesn't look like the present day Belvedere, which in any event didn't exist in 1815.
  • Secondly, the west and east range of buildings is too short - the overall shape of the farmyard should be rectangular not square.
  • Thirdly, the roofing isn't very satisfactory.
  • Fourthly, there is no kitchen garden to the south of the farm and no walled area to its north
  • Other details such as the well are missing
Despite these flaws, the building does have its merits, with a well-made farm house and a great barn.

My farmhouse has therefore been extended somewhat and then re-roofed.  A well has been added and the farmyard has been given more of an agricultural feel.  A kitchen garden has been added, which contains both an annex and a small garden shed.  To the north of the farm, a small walled field has been added and, above that, the ground is covered in the tall rye that predominated over so much of the battlefield (albeit in a much beaten down condition).

Nassauers in the north walled field.

Nassauers counter attack from the Great Barn east door. The figures are mostly Hat Austrians.

Nassau Grenadiers at the other door on the east side

Mostly Hat with a converted Esci pair of wounded.

Camera shot through into the farm courtyard.

French attacking north on the outside of the east wall.

The external southeast corner of the garden wall.

View into the garden, south end.  The French captured the garden, but despite General Durutte's claims to the contrary, they did not capture the farm itself.

French skirmishing through the kitchen garden.

Nassauers withdraw to the farm.

Southeast corner

Medics provide First Aid.  These were WW2 US Marines before conversion.

Over the wall.

The lane from the annex looking north.

Garden looking north.

French colonel encourages his men up the lane on the west side.

Annex window.

The farmhouse

Garden looking south.


The fruit trees try to show how they looked in the Victorian photos.

French infantry pass the window of the farmhouse on the west side lane.

The fight at the front gate.  The gatehouse was burnt and later rebuilt.

Nassau Grenadiers held in reserve in the field to the north of the farm.

The farmyard.

My lights make the render look yellow, but it's really a paler colour.


Regimental Aid Post

Gate into the Great Barn.

Stables with the well to the right.

Front gate.

Nassau Grenadiers looking south along the west side lane