Tuesday 17 March 2020


I've been collecting Napoleonic figures in 1/72 scale since I think about 1972.  My collection was largely of the Airfix variety, mostly yellow with some Old Guard in grey; painting was terrible until about 1976, then I got better.  In the '80s some Esci entered the collection, but it was only about 1993 that I began to collect in earnest.

By the late '90s, I had a model which had outgrown my house so I dismantled it.  For many years, the figures lived in boxes, growing in numbers but without any means of being displayed.

Since about 2010, I've been clear about the target: a full-scale reproduction of the battle of Waterloo in 20mm.

Here are some photographs of my work to date.

First, some cavalry:

2nd Lancers of The Guard
Chasseurs a Cheval
Massed French cavalry

Horse Grenadiers
 Dragons de L'Imperatrice
1st Lancers
And some Allied squares

My Allied squares have come on well.  Each one is about 400 figures on scenery and ready to be attached to the main diorama. 

Some artillery

Krahmer's battery.  Several hundred guns and crew wait to be turned from painted figures into batteries like Krahmer's
Guard Foot Artillery

Marins et Genies de la Garde

La Haie Sainte
Over the wall at La Haie Sainte

La Belle Alliance

Imperial carriages and escort squadron

Imperial HQ

Old Guard march down the road to La Belle Alliance


Inside Hougoumont

The killing zone at Hougoumont

The garden at Hougoumont

The lane south of Hougoumont

The kitchen garden

The woods at Hogoumont

Approaching the South Gate at Hougoumont

Papelotte Garden

Papelotte annexe

Approach to Papelotte

West side of Papelotte

Papelotte Front Gate
Outside Help

In order to speed up production, last year I appealed for support to help with the painting of figures.  I've had a great response and presently have some kind friends working on:

Four battalions of Hanoverian Landwehr in Hugh Halkett’s brigade (1600 figures)

A battery of Prussian Artillery (300 men, guns, horses and limbers)

Bull’s Battery, RHA (300 men, guns, horses and limbers)

A company of the Old Guard (100 men)

A Belgian infantry battalion (400 men)

60 Landwehr cavalry

20 miscellaneous figures

Here's one of the Hanoverian battalions:

and here are some of the Belgians:

And a Prussian limber:

I am also a trustee of Waterloo Uncovered, a small charity conducting archaeology at the battlefield and helping serving soldiers and veterans.  Waterloo Uncovered are approaching their contacts to see who might like to volunteer.  I provide the troops, they derive pleasure from being part of the project by painting the figures.

If there is anyone else out there who would also be interested in joining this project do please let me know, it would be great to involve more of you.