Sunday 19 April 2020


I recently put out a request for support for the Waterloo project.  The response has been outstanding and I thought I would use this post to update everyone and thank the various contributors.  Because I haven't asked their permission, I'll not use their names.

First, a friend in Australia has undertaken to paint the whole of Hugh Halkett's Hanoverian militia brigade.  The first Battalion has arrived and I've now put it on its patch of ground.  He is a wonderful converter of figures and I particularly recommend the Colour party, pioneers and casualty figures.  He is now working on the other three battalions of this brigade.  This is a huge contribution and much appreciated.


Drum Major 

Treating the casualty


A great conversion from the ACW figure.  This officer appears undaunted by his head wound.

Next up is a Prussian artillery battery - the painter is very talented.  This is about half of what will come eventually.  The figures are mostly by Art Miniaturen.  I like showing artillery batteries in full and have another battery under way, this time Bull's RHA Troop of howitzers; the painter is kindly taking on several batteries in due course and I'll show his Bull's Troop once it is ready.

Next up are elements of a Belgian Line battalion.  The painter is taking on the whole unit, and the results so far look very promising.

Other battalions have been sent to various painters and the early results are exciting:


Old Guard in Greatcoats

There are several others at an earlier stage of development and I look forward to seeing the results. If anyone else would like to get involved, they would be most welcome!