Monday, 22 March 2021

2nd Battalion 1st Voltigeurs of the Young Guard

I've previously shown some of the 2nd Battalion 1st Voltigeurs of the Young Guard but now show the bulk of the battalion.  As with all Guard battalions it is organised in four companies.  The lead company is not yet complete and is shown in skirmish order up against the hedge.  the other three companies are to the rear in column, just to the south of the prebendary on the slope up to the high road.

The battalion is shown with tall plumes which may or may not have been the case at Waterloo, but I like the dash of colour.  The figures are 90% conversions from the new Strelets Bavarians which I like very much.

I think en masse they look very nice.  Many people like all their figures in a mad dash of charging, firing and fighting.  I think this is unhistorical and, especially in the circumstances of a diorama, should mostly be shown out of contact.

Still quite a lot of work to disguise bases

Rear left marker takes the opportunity to ease springs


The gap between the sections will be closed up when on proper display

Aerial shot

Thursday, 4 March 2021

1st Line Battalion, Brunswick Corps and the Hanoverian Quackenbruck Battalion

I've taken a short break from the Plancenoit section of the diorama to focus on two allied squares, one Hanoverian and one Brunswick.  The figures have been painted by two of the team, AP and JH (we avoid using full names on the project).  

These are a great addition and a huge step towards completing each of the Allied squares present on the Mont St Jean ridge. 

The Brunswick square shows the 1st Line Battalion.  The figures are largely Hat Industry and Schilling with some Kennington

The Hanoverian battalion is the third one in the series of Hew Halkett's brigade with one more to come.  The figures are a mixture of Hat, CTA, and many conversions.