Wednesday 31 December 2014

Waterloo dioramas

If you search the net there as a lot talented people making Waterloo dioramas.

The oldest dioramas are the two Siborne models. I prefer the smaller one with the 1 inch figures at Leeds Royal Armoury.

The Green Jacket museum model is currently being refurbished and will be well worth a view on its return:

I saw this one at Celle in 2003 in Germany:

Hans Slaager's is very evocative:

Andreas Hoffman and friends excel with their huge Waterloo.

This one from Fuhrmann figures is again from Germany:

History in 1/72 is particularly good at attracting high quality dioramas

Thomas Mischak's model is really impressive. Check it out here at Benno's forum:

And his Papelotte:

Rene Betgum's model is excellent but hasn't changed much recently:

Chris Dodson's photography skills and powers of composition are exceptional.

I like to mix old and new 20mm figures. It's a shame Lazylimey has stopped updating his blog and also the Hinton Hunter, with his other excellent blogs the Old Metal Detector and the Lone S Ranger. I love Prometheus in Aspic's Les Higgins army, interspersed with other compatible figures of various types.

Monday 29 December 2014