Saturday, 13 February 2021

Eastern Approaches

I've been working on the eastern approaches to Plancenoit.  By kind permission of the National Army Museum, I'm using the next section of the Siborne model to plan this part of the battlefield.  This gives some space to deploy parts of the Prussian Army, but more room will be needed!  

Here are some pictures:

I'm using teddy bear fur here to simulate taller crops.  Siborne used towelling.

The Siborne model showing the meadow running from left to right, east to west.  A natural avenue of advance

The Siborne model showing the area just east of the meadow.  The track and Lasne Brook turn south towards the fishponds.

The fishponds are just off my new section

The Siborne model exaggerates the relief, making slopes look steeper than they really are.

This complex building from the Siborne model is shown below 

The track and surrounding terrain are at a preliminary stage.  The road looks like chocolate for now, but will get better!

On the Siborne model, a three-part building is shown with a small shed at right angles at its eastern end

The Siborne model looking north to south

The same building on our diorama looking south to north

And looking east to west

Looking carefully, there is a small cottage on the Siborne model on the slope above the meadow.

Here it is realised on our model

The overview, showing the field layout

And our rendition

Some Prussian infantry, Zvezda conversions

For those who like figures, just to reassure you that troops will soon populate this ground.

And some top-up photos, the light was good so I went for it:


  1. Ah, there is my Sunday. The perfect soldier and modelling fix. I can retire to bed this evening a happy man.

    Best Regards,


  2. Every single photo is something to marvel at! Do you know if the Siborne diorama was ever displayed at Dover Castle? I'm sure I have seen it but memory is hazy, would have been on a school trip around 1970 - ish?


  3. I have a feeling that it was, but it started life at RUSI, was stored in Dublin, went to Sandhurst and Dover certainly rings a bell.

  4. All of your posts provide something wondrous, edifying and lovely to look at. This time I particularly liked the photos from the Siborne model that inspired you, followed by your larger-scale and more detailed version. The figures, of course, look great!
    Regards, James

  5. Greetings generalpicton,
    I came across your blog whilst searching around on the interweb looking for an answer to a particular question/conundrum. Where in Plancenoit is Adolph Northerns painting set? I'm hoping to go back to Belgium in the autumn (covid permitting) and we would very much like to stand in the same area. You've done some fantastic work on your model of Plancenoit I wonder, whilst during your investigations did you come across where in the village it is?
    Kind regards, Ian.

  6. Hi nice model. Where did you get your pictures of the Siborne from, in particular the full shot of one of the tiles?