Sunday, 7 February 2021

Project Development

I've added two new sections to the model.  For these a few new buildings will be produced, and a great many more figures added.  Here are a few pictures to whet the appetite:

Looking north to south

Overview - new sections in the background

The Duvalier farm was used as the French casualty clearing point

French brigade commander and his ADCs

Some dismounted French staff of various makes including Hinton Hunt

Prussian commanders, one Hinton Hunt, the other Franznap

My aim is to replicate elements of the Young Guard streaming away from the village

Couple of casualties on a yet to be populated road

Young Guard Voltigeurs line the track and small bridge over the Lasne Brook


I've added another company to this Voltigeur battalion.  I like the informality of the at ease poses, conversions from Strelets Bavarians

I've converted quite a few Emhar 1870 Prussians - head change and some work on their tunics.  the Emhar figures are easy to re-pose.


  1. Your wonderful work defies easy description. I am, for once, speechless.

    Best Regards,


  2. Many thanks all, it's coming along, if slowly!!

  3. Sensational!
    The first couple of photos look like flies or ants running across the table, then you zoom in to such wonderful detail and a mix of figures. Superb.
    Regards, James