Tuesday 14 February 2023

Bishop's Caundle Exhibition


Trimotion and La Belle Alliance

Over the weekend, we staged an exhibition of the model in our local village hall.  The exhibition raised money for Waterloo Uncovered and was accompanied by a lecture.  The event was staged over two nights and was sold out on each night.  Here are some photos from the exhibition.


French Grenadiers attack the South Gate at Hougoumont

The small side door at Hougoumont

The garden wall and killing zone

The wood at Hougoumont

The small kitchen garden

Empress Dragoon Service Squadron

2nd Lancers

Horse Grenadiers

Chasseurs a Cheval

Foot Artillery of the Old Guard

Old Guard move forward

Empress Dragoons and 2nd Lancers


Band of the Empress's Dragoons

Marines of the Guard

La Haye Sainte

Newly completed Mont St Jean



General Bulow's Corps HQ

Blucher and his Staff