Sunday 13 June 2021

1st Battalion 4th Silesian Landwehr


I've had a busy week for one reason or another but managed to fit in a new battalion of Prussians.  These are the 1st Battalion 4th Silesian Landwehr and are shown advancing just to the north of their sister battalion.  

The figures are the usual mix of Hat and Strelets with some Art Miniaturen among them.  The usual eight company Prussian format is followed but the front two companies are as yet unfinished.

The figures are by a number of individuals, including myself, GG, LF and LWS.  My thanks to all of them.

The Battalion is advancing through tall corn to the east of the village

The gap between the boards is inevitable but all too visible.  The front two companies are incomplete.

I like this officer who I converted from a number of figures

These are mostly Art Miniaturen

Showing them in the middle ground between two other battalions

The mounted officer is NewLine

Some casualties, mostly Strelets conversions, with Art Miniaturen

Some aerial shots

Apologies for the kitchen chairs!


  1. Another epic, GP. Wonderful!
    Best regards

  2. Thanks WM, there are only two Hinton Hunt in there, all the ones I have!

  3. Many thanks Stokes, much appreciated!!

  4. Gosh, your rate of production is d@mned impressive!
    These figures look so, so good and on your diorama simply superb.
    Regards, James

  5. Thanks James, much appreciated!