Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Der Feldmarschall

 Troops are going to come on a fast and furious basis if I am going to make my October deadline at the National Army Museum.

Here are two batteries of Prussian artillery, both lacking limbers and caissons yet, along with the 1st Uhlans.  In front is old Marshal Forwards himself along with his staff.

The figures (which are mostly Art Miniaturen) are by AD, LF and GG.

Foot artillery battery in the foreground

1st Uhlans - the Art Miniaturen figures are by LF.  The Strelets are by GG.  I have re-horsed many of the Strelets because I don't much like their pony-like features; once done, they blend well.

Marshal Blucher and his staff.  Their stands need to be hidden.  By AD.

The caisson is by LF

Horse artillery battery

In front of the main track leading north east from Plancenoit

Elements of the next regiment are forming up, awaiting reinforcements