Monday, 28 December 2020

Young Guard et al

 I've made a bit of progress with the Plancenoit section of the diorama, focussing on Young Guard, both Tirailleurs and Voltigeurs.  I've also completed the battalion of Old Guard Chasseurs and added several casualties, most of which are home made.

The barricade to the north of the church.

The Prussian end of town, just a few Landwehr for now

Casualties - I need a lot more!

The barricade to the north of the church

Chasseurs run up the steps to the church.

Casualties stream away from the fight.

Some stands still to be hidden.

Young Guard Voltigeurs man the barricade to the south of the church.

Tirailleurs skirmish on the south side of the village green.

More Tirailleurs line a hedge.

The Priest guards the door to the church.  Photos are very unforgiving and the grenade on the top of the bearskin is still visible, despite being painted over.

The steps to the church

Old Guard company ring the outside of the churchyard - Revell figures.

I've added a trio of senior officers in the churchyard.

The Duvalier farmyard was used by the French to treat casualties - just a few so far.

Aerial view of casualties

Staff officers

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  1. You are a master of understatement: 'a bit of progress', this is brilliant and getting better and better each time! A joy to watch it from afar through your blog, as Hougoumont was. All the more power to you.
    Regards, James