Sunday, 17 April 2016

Belgian Carabiniers

No mainstream manufacturer has ever made Belgian Carabiniers.  There were three Dutch-Belgian Carabinier regiments at Waterloo but the evidence suggests the two Dutch regiments wore bicornes, not helmets like the Belgian regiment.

Here are my Belgian Carabiniers.

I first bought the Kamar figures and added some Strelets conversions from the Saxon Garde Du Corps mounted on their French cuirassier horses.

I then converted some Les Higgins from their British Light Dragoons.  Then Hagen produced some metal figures which look much like the Waterloo 1815 set, made in resin.  Then Eric Bahlouli made a very niche product - French Royalist gendarmes, which, with a bit of converting go well with the Waterloo 1815 figures.  

I have no idea whether Belgian Carabiniers carried a Standard, but here is an imagined version of what it might have looked like.

A Strelets figure

Hagen trumpeter.

One of the Bahlouli figures with a Les Higgins behind.

I am planning to make the Dutch regiments from Italieri Dragoons with bicornes.


  1. Nice work on these, particually like the Trumpeter

    Hinton Hunt made a nice Dutch/Belgian carbineer


  2. They look splendid, great job!

  3. Thanks - I must track down some of the Hinton Hunt ones