Monday, 1 May 2017

General Staff

I am a sucker for staff officers and the recent splurge of Art Miniaturen figures, coupled with some Franznap and Hagen has given me the excuse to paint some more.

Meissonier's picture is my inspiration for this group


  1. Inspiring and wonderful post, a wonderful command staff!

  2. Excellent, Pic - very nice. I also have bought a bunch of the new AM figures - a good few ADCs and also a few marshal/general figures such as Bernadotte and Rapp who are not recognisably specific and can pose as someone else. You have inspired me to get on with painting them.

    I like to have a good variety among my generals - it jars when my Suchet is blatantly Davout or Bessieres or someone, or that common-all-garden S-Range Ney that you can recognise the other side of the battlefield. I am also trying to make it less obvious that most of my senior Spanish generals appear to be brothers (NapoleoN Miniaturas, mostly), by means of attaching varying, and distractingly coloured, ADCs.

    Anyway - that's enough about me - just wished to comment to note my approval of your efforts!

  3. You do an extremely fetching leopard skin, Picton! Wonderful work.
    Best regards

  4. Thanks WM, that's what the girls used to say to Rod Stewart....