Sunday 17 November 2019

Hougoumont Update

I'm spending a lot of time travelling at the moment, so progress has slowed a bit.  Here are some update photographs.

Looking on to the burnt chateau.  The figures are Strelets, Airfix and Hagen

Looking north

The dovecote has been taken away to be re-worked

Voltigeurs attack through the orchard, Scots Guards to their front, Coldstream behind the wall  on their flank.

The berceau

French wounded head south through the east end of the wood.

The north gate

Looking west

Voltigeurs make their way across the killing zone

The east wall looking west

Nassau grenadiers defend the south wall

The orchard

The general view is that the Coldstream left their Colours on the ridge, so I better move them!

The main fight 

Light Company move through the chateau

The chapel - I need to put a cross on the spire

Ambulances ferry away the wounded.


The track running north-south through the wood.


Dead and wounded - I'm running out!

The berceau from the other end

French line the hedge at the edge of the killing zone

The garden looking east

French infantry in the orchard

The garden

The garden looking south

Looking east

Looking north through the wood - some of the heaviest fighting took place along this track.

I'm pleased with the atmospheric effect behind the trees

More French in the orchard

North gate

It must have taken some work managing this garden!

Making this model has helped me understand why it was so hard to get across this wall

The east side of the chateau

Detail at north gate

Inside the north gate

At the corner of the Gardener's House

West side of barn, invisible to the British.


  1. Masterful execution of the modeler's art so far. I could look at this all day.

    Best Regards,


  2. Amazing stuff and great photos too!

  3. Your updates never cease to amaze me! These photographs have given me a better understanding of what happened there and how the lay of the land was than the umpteen books I have read about it (and the numerous visits of the site!). Cheers!

  4. This is... magnificent.

    It looks even better with all those figures added and so well photographed too, as has been said by others above.