Friday 7 August 2020

The Village

After quite a bit of work, I present two completed sections of the Plancenoit diorama.  As yet, there is not a single figure positioned on the model, but they are in production.  The tricky bit will be working out how to place them given the relatively dynamic nature of the fight and the absence of firm evidence.  

I'd particularly like to thank my father who is the mastermind behind the buildings.  There are 23 buildings on this section, more than the rest of the diorama put together!

The road east from the church - the Prussian line of advance towards the camera.

The view south, this row of buildings would have formed an excellent line of defence.

The church with Thomas's amazing tombstones
Aerial view - this row of buildings was densely packed.

The view west as the Prussians would have seen it.

This set of buildings was one farm complex in the middle of the village
The open area around the church.  I need to put another set of steps up to the church, running south-north.

looking south

looking north-east, with one of Thomas's signposts.

Church looking north

Plancenoit's killing zone around the village green
looking north-west


  1. Wonderful! This is such a valuable project. Thanks very much for undertaking it and sharing with us. I find it very inspiring.

  2. Thanks everyone, much appreciated. I seem to be allowed to comment on my own blog again which is great!!

  3. A splendid piece of work...

    All the best. Aly

  4. Superb work, GP.
    I always imagined that the church was surrounded by a ring of mature trees - as seen on the Siborne map and model. Were these planted after the battle, do you think?

  5. Hi WM, you are spot on - the Siborne model certainly does show more trees and foliage inside the wall of the graveyard. The question I'm toying with is whether to put it all in and thereby make it very hard show any troops, or to be more sparing (using the excuse you offer that it grew up in the aftermath. The right answer probably lies somewhere in between. Hope all well with you.

  6. Amazing work, very inspiring indeed. Great modelling skills on show.

  7. Thanks Lee, and this is only about half the village!

  8. Simply stunning work!

    Best Regards,


  9. Thanks Stokes, and so glad I comment again!

  10. Superb! Impressive attention to details and most beautiful work!