Monday 17 June 2024

Follow-Up Information

 The pleasure of this hobby is the chance to share questions and to hear from such knowledgeable and helpful people.

Further to my questions about buildings at the Eastern end of the battlefield, I've received some further information.

Kindly sent to me by Chris, this aerial shot shows Papelotte in the centre ground with la Haye Farm behind it.  I was led to believe that La Haye burnt down in the early 1900s but this photo would suggest La Haye survived until later.  The buildings in the foreground don't quite match the ones on Siborne's map, below.

This close up of La Haye shows that it was a large building with a distinctive barn at an oblique angle to the main complex

The Craan map sent to me by Essling  matches the Siborne evidence

Google earth may help

Some close ups from the Siborne model

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