Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Both regiments of Carabiniers were at Waterloo in the same brigade under Baron Blanchard.  They were held back by their commander, who recognised the futility of attacking unbroken British squares, until Ney, angered by their reticence, ordered them into the attack.

My figures are a mixture of Italieri, Airfix, Zvezda, Art Miniaturen, Hinton Hunt, Hat and various others.  I have put a few in cloaks.  The trumpeters ought to be in the post-1812 green livery, but these are in the old light blue.  

The Carabiniers had perhaps the most theatrical uniform of the Napoleonic Wars.  I imagine they would have worn grey campaign breeches but have kept them in white.  Given that the campaign occurred at such short notice, perhaps this is not wholly unrealistic.

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