Sunday, 25 January 2015

French Bands

The extravagant uniforms and military bands of the early to middle Empire had no doubt ceased to exist post-1812.  But it is not unreasonable to suppose bands were reconstituted under the Bourbons.

Here are my bands as they might have existed in 1815.  There is an S Range band in metal, quite chunky but workable.  

The HYTTY band is a one off by that company; the figures a bit flat, but I like them despite their imperfections. 

 I wish I could get more of the Strelets figures, but these are out of production.  

This band in light blue facings are converted largely from Italieri French infantry in bicorns

The Airfix Guards band has been decapitated and replaced with bicorns.  

Finally, I have converted three figures to make kettle drummers for the Polish Lancers, Horse Grenadiers and Mamelukes - I would love to make a mounted band but this will take a little longer and I doubt these would have been at Waterloo. Anyway, my kettle drummers definitely come under the definition of extravagant!

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