Sunday, 30 October 2016

1/1st Nassau

I haven't posted for a while, having been busy with work.  My next square has been an enjoyable departure from the usual redcoats.

The Nassau contingent at Waterloo consisted of three regiments, two of which were in the Nassau service (1st and 2nd Line) and the Orange-Nassau Regiment which was officially in the Dutch service.  Nassauers fought across the battlefield.  The 1st Regiment fought in the centre of the Anglo-Dutch position under Colonel Kruse.

Colonel Augustus Kruse

The 2nd Regiment and the Orange-Nassau regiment fought on the Allied left holding the farms of Papelotte, Fischermont and La Haye.  The 2nd Regiment detached its flank companies to the other side of the battle at Hougoumont and the 1st Regiment sent a light company to La Haye Sainte.

Having been part of the Grand Army until 1813 when they defected to Wellington in the Peninsula, the Nassauers were organised along French lines and had a French cut to their green uniforms.

The Nassauers wore white covers to their shakos, but this attracted French fire so Kruse ordered them to take them off - this battalion is shown after the order was given revealing the black shakos underneath.

This close up from the Waterloo panorama shows how desperate the fight around the Nassau squares became.

The figures shown here are largely from the Hat Industrie sets, padded out with French infantry by Emhar and some conversions (largely in the front kneeling rank).

The standing soldier in the corner is War of Independence

Two W1815 officers

An Art Miniaturen Austrian converted to be Colonel Kruse

A Franznap Drum Major

A Franznap Pioneer (a Neopolitan coopted into Nassau uniform)

Grenadier Company - their red epaulettes and colpack plumes stand out against the green, yellow and buff of the line companies

Centre Company

ACW Conversion as Ensign

Close Up


  1. Another amazing battalion! Well done!

  2. Thanks WM, I am afraid I don't paint as well as your wonderful HH figures but the sheer numbers mean I have to cut a few corners!

  3. Wow, spectacular, splendid colors and wonderul job!