Saturday 2 December 2023

Full up at Mont St Jean

 I've added another 120 figures to the Mont St Jean section of the diorama and decided that is enough.  I'm pleased with the results and think it now gives a good impression of how congested and horrific the Allied field hospital must have been at the height of the fighting.

Reasonably pleased with the brick and mortar effect

Burial pits

French prisoners

Don't like the join in the road, but this can be covered with a judicious bit of battlefield litter or a figure

Bit more work needed to tidy up the archway stone work

The Imex Mexicans - the Morecambe and Wise of 1/72


  1. This looks so impressive in the photos, it must be outstanding to view with ya eyes. To take it all in. To ponder. To 'transport' one to the 18th June 1815 and days the immediately following.
    You should be satisfied and pleased with what you have produced and the figures that you and your partner painters have tirelessly painted, along with those sensational buildings that your father constructed!
    It is amazing that this is but one small part of an enormous whole.
    Regards, James

  2. I echo James' comments above - if this was a stand alone diorama it would be sensational but the fact that you are constructing the whole battle in this level of detail is mind boggling!!!

  3. Thank you James and Stryker. I've really enjoyed the conversions aspect of this section. It is satisfying to take a figure designed for a very different purpose and era and make them fit this scene.