Monday 8 April 2024

Rossomme Farm Update

 I previously posted on Rossomme last December and am now in a position to give an update on the project.  Here are some photographs showing progress with the farm and the surrounding area.  To remind everyone, Rossomme was to the south of the French position.

Napoleon had his headquarters on the heights of Rossomme for much of the day although at the moment shown (1800hrs) he had moved forward to La Belle Alliance.  What will be shown here is some of the Second Echelon elements of his headquarters and logistic support.

The area of Rossomme today.  The farm burnt down in 1895

Early stages

Model goes outside to dry out in a brief moment of sunshine

The garden takes shape - it's too obvious at the moment

Decisions have to be made about where the carriages go.

On the road or in the farmyard? it's probably going to be the farmed because the horses can't easily be detached from their bases.

Track running east on the north side of the farm.

The pond - still wet and therefore the wrong colour

Don't like the plants - too obvious

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