Friday, 20 February 2015

Camp Life

Before the start of the battle, both sides of the Waterloo battlefield  must have been alive with men, horses and equipment stirring themselves after a wet and uncomfortable night.  Here are a mix of figures, including the Strelets set and numerous conversions, with some rare metal figurs thrown in.

Here are some French prisoners of war, taken at Quatre Bras being led to the rear.

Card players, with some sappers with pick axes in the background.

Polish lancers and a vivandiere, all metal.

Camp fire, drink and a camp follower

Some musicians.  Vivandieres look on.

 A Sapper converted from an American Civil War figure

Soldier with dead rabbit, I think Imex, stands beside camp followers

Fiddle player and drummer


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  2. Brilliant collections, pleased you got in touch the other day, hope you got my email reply ok
    cheers Old John