Friday, 27 May 2016

3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards

3/1st Foot Guards was commanded by Lt Col Stuart and was in Maitland's Brigade in the 1st Division under Cooke.  It also detached its flank companies to Hougoumont.  The Battalion is shown here in the white cotton drill trousers worn by all Foot Guards at Waterloo.  The figures are the usual mix of Revell, Esci and Hinton Hunt with many conversions.

An Art Miniaturen figure rests on his musket

The officer is am Emhar conversion.

An Esci Austrian conversion

A conversion from the Esci Zulu War British 

An Imex ACW conversion.

The mounted officers are RSM and Newline.  The officer in front is Imex.

Hinton Hunt mounted staff officer with message.

Two Strelets officers

The whole square.  The drummers are Italieri.

I thought I would show all four of the squares I have finished so far. 21 to go!

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