Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Defence of La Haye Sainte

Having done my research on La Haye Sainte, I have decided to populate my model with troops.  The scene shows the farm at about the time of its fall to the French.

In addition to 2nd Light Battalion, KGL, the garrison has been reinforced by the 1st Light Battalion, who have taken up position in the garden.  Within the farm itself, the 2nd Battalion under Major Baring has been reinforced by the Light Company of 5 KGL and by the Light Company of 1st Battalion 2nd Nassau Regiment.

The French assault comes from three directions: through the west barn door (which had been burnt the night before); over the south wall by the pond; and at the main gate.  The farm is scratch built.  I haven't yet done the orchard.

The garden - 1st Light Battalion KGL.  The officers are Qualicast.

Riflemen on the roof.  The prone figure is Hagen.  The man with the ammo box is Esci.

French Line Voltigeur Company - west side of the farm.  Mostly Zvezda, but some Les Higgins and Hagen.

Door from the garden.  This lot seem very calm given the mayhem through the window.

French casualties - all sorts!

Interior of the farm - Light Company 5 KGL and 1/2 Nassau reinforce.

French voltigeurs enter from the west barn door.  The French are Zvezda and Hagen.

Looking south towards the barn.  The Nassauers are Kennington.

Defence of the gate - before I added the French.

The road with French casualties.

French Light Infantry come in from the south side.

With French attackers added

Leg up over the wall - I often wondered where this Strelets figure could go, or is he HYTTY?

Roof of the piggery

Courtyard interior

West barn door

Garden - defenders along hedge

Reserve platoon in garden

Barn door - voltigeurs rush the door

Volley fire

Garden wall

Up the ladder

Tough fight around the gate

The abatis

Frenchman bayonetted as he comes through door.  You can just see the Atlantic trio doing the bayonetting.

Defenders fire from farmhouse widows.  For some reason the light makes the roof look gold when it's grey.

Up and over the roof.  Airfix Mountain troops.

The figures are a mix of Italieri, converted Strelets from the Crimean War, Qualicast, some Emhar, Art Miniaturen, Hagen and many conversions.

Hope you like it!

After note: Heinrich has asked about the layout of the west side of the farm.. I now believe it was extended sometime after 1815 and that during the battle it looked like this:


  1. Superb ! I recognised a lot of poses from other sets that you've converted. A massive amount of work on that diorama and figures - you must have put in a lot of hours there.

  2. Dear John,

    Glad you like it! Yes it did take a bit of work, but worth it I hope. I get a bit of criticism for gloss varnishing - I should explain this is protection against dust - I do plan to matt varnish them in due course.

  3. You missed airfix out of your list..I definately spotted two from the German Mountain Troops set up on the Roof ;-) Clever conversion

  4. Well spotted - actually there are quite a few lurking around.

  5. Wow! Extraordinary, as always! Best regards, WM

  6. Dear WM, many thanks for your comments, it's been fun to stop Cameron Highlanders!

  7. Replies
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    2. Many thanks Jerry. The building is scratch built and done from lots of research. It was fun to do!

  8. Hello
    Amazing work! So much suffering and violence.
    Where did you get the building? It’s beautiful.
    Many thanks Jerry

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