Thursday, 3 October 2019

Kitchen Garden update

I've had a few days to concentrate on the Hougoumont model - I've also received plenty of helpful advice on TMP and Benno's about subjects as diverse as brassicas and trouser colours.  One chap feels my model is too narrowly defined but I've politely pointed out that Rome wasn't built in a day and the rest of Hougoumont will follow in due course.  He also wants more casualties - happy to oblige but it all takes time.

Here are some updated photographs:

Frank Ziegler figures from Hagen - with bicornes removed 

These voltigeurs are all conversions


The Grenadiers are mostly Qualicast

Early stages of the north-south track through the wood.  This was scene of the most intense fighting.

More of the Qualicast

Another view of the kitchen garden.  The Coldstream Sergeant Major threatened the Cat for anyone who walked on the vegetables


  1. A 100 Days feast for the eyes!

    Best Regards,


  2. More amazing model making! Most impressed by the sense of movement you have created with the placement of the figures.

  3. Wouldn't worry too much about the critics, if I were you. I never fail to be impressed by the scale of your effort and the massive amount of work that must be going into it. The amount of research and love for detail really show in the pictures. Keep up the good work!